The beloved burger: naturally, a firm favourite here at Lyons’ Den in Shrewsbury! But the legendary dish we know and cherish today has come a long way since its original creation, gradually evolving over the decades from its humble roots to become a gourmet star across the continents. There is some dispute as to who is blessed with the title of ‘burger inventor’ but this is the tale generally agreed upon….

German Roots

Far from a novel invention, the burger’s family history originates in 19th century Hamburg, Germany – you may have guessed this is where the name ‘hamburger’ derives from. The town was famous for its beef, and inventive housewives discovered a new way to serve their tasty meat. The beef was chopped, seasoned and moulded into patties, making the meat tender on the taste buds. As there was no refrigeration in those days, the burgers were cooked immediately while the regional delicacy was still fresh.

Going steak-side

Renowned not only for its quality beef, Hamburg was also a well-established port, and one of the country’s major departure points for German migrants sailing to a new life in the U.S. Many voyaged to densely populated cities such as Chicago and New York, and it was here where a number of immigrants established their own restaurants in a bid to earn a living. Top of the menu: you guessed it, the ‘Hamburg’. The recipe was soon ‘Americanised’ to satisfy the local citizens’ beef cravings, with the addition of garlic, seasoning and plenty of fried onions – which proved incredibly popular with U.S. customers.

It’s not only here at Lyons’ Den where beautiful burgers are seen as a luxurious treat; in fact, when Delmonico’s New York restaurant launched their first Hamburg steak in 1834, it was the most expensive meal on the menu – priced at an extortionate ten cents!
Where does the sandwich concept come in?

Despite the patty’s early origins in Germany, it wasn’t until it reached the American shores that it gained its bread counterparts. In the mid 1800s, food carts served burgers outside factory doors as well-earned sustenance for industrial workers. However, the juicy meat proved tricky to eat whilst standing, so one bright spark suggested – why not layer the beef between two slices of bread? And the burger as we know it today was born; launching the delicious, yet easy-to-eat, dish into nationwide popularity.
The bold burger didn’t stop there. The mouth-watering recipe spread across the globe, aided by the distribution of U.S. soldiers overseas during the Second World War. Yearning for a taste of home, the troops recommended the dish to their international friends, mushrooming the burger phenomenon ever further afield.

Lyons’ Den – a unique burger experience

Ever since, the burger has grown from strength to strength. It is renowned for its popularity in fast food restaurants, but has also gained prestigious menu space in several gourmet restaurants across the UK. It is this mantle of quality which Lyons’ Den has made their duty to uphold. Here it’s all about the best meat, supplied from Maynard’s Rob Cunningham – a local Shropshire producer who has been praised as one of Rick Stein’s Food Heroes – accompanied by the best personal service. We (Adam and Kelly) have made it our mission to ensure your experience at Lyons’ Den Gourmet Burger restaurant in Shrewsbury truly stands out from the crowd.


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