That’s right, we have a new menu at The Den! That means knockout new starters, jaw-dropping new burgers and tantalising new sides. Enough to keep you more than a little busy over your next few visits. Want to know your stuff before your visit? Here are some exciting new additions you should try!

To start

Our amazing Frickles are the first new addition to the menu – Homemade, beer battered, deep fried pickles. Served with mustard mayo. Looking to start your meal on the right foot? Then you have to try this amazing new starter.


Kicked by a Mule – A 6oz beef burger, hot chilli sauce, tomato relish, Jalapeños, chilli cheese, fried onions, lettuce and tomato. A spicy new addition to our menu that will surely help keep your burger cravings at bay!

If you are a bit of a cheese fanatic then these next two burgers are a must try for you. The Black and Blue Burger, a 6oz beef burger served with creamy Stilton cheese, homemade caramelised onions, local dry-cured streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. If you want something a little more blue, try the Salopian Burger. A 6oz burger, Shropshire blue cheese, mayo fried onions, local dry-cured streaky bacon, served with a homemade creamy Shropshire blue sauce.

Are you vegetarian? Then we have some new options for you! The Veggie Burger and Veggie Cheeseburger have arrived. A homemade sweet potato, chickpea & vegetable burger, fried onions & mayo. For your cheese, you can choose from Cheddar, Brie, Wensleydale, Red Leicester, Shropshire Blue, Monterey Jack or Goats Cheese.

Vegan? Then you have to try our brand new Sheesh Burger. A homemade chickpea and vegetable burger served with vegan cheese, tomato relish, crispy onions, lettuce and tomato. Additionally, you can try our Vegan Mushroom Burger or request for the vegan version of our Veggie Burger!


Looking for something new to try on the side? Well, we have you covered there too. Try out our new Cheesy Bacon Fries or our Filthy Fries to add that finishing touch to your visit to The Den!

With all these new additions to our menu, we are confident that you will have something exciting to try next time you stop by. Check out our new menu here!