Big news in The Den this month! The Beast 2.0 has finally been beaten! 

Can you #BeatTheBeast? Turns out you can!

After launching in May 2017, The Beast 2.0 has eventually succumbed to some hungry diners. A few Tuesdays back, three ravenous men entered The Den on a mission to beat the unbeatable, conquer the unconquerable, slay The Beast and become legends of Shrewsbury for all of time to come.

Following a hard fought battle, two of these three wannabe heroes stood as champions, legends in their own lunchtime (it was teatime). As promised, these winners were immediately added to the hall of fame, here, on our website.

For those of you that don’t know what The Beast consists of, this animal is 24oz of rump steak patty, six rashers of dry cured streaky bacon, award winning hot chilli cheese, homemade onion rings, homemade Lyons’ Den sauce, grilled chicken breast, Red Leicester cheese and grilled onion rings. This is one tasty challenge.

For every participant we also make a donation to Severn Hospice.  As a family-run, local business, we feel passionate about supporting our local community. Severn Hospice us dear to our hearts and this is a great, fun way to raise money for such a worthy cause.

Do you know someone that could beat this epic burger? The Beast is available by pre-order in The Den, on Tuesdays only. It is always great to see a few people taking it on at the same time and the atmosphere in The Den can get quite lively on a Tuesday night, as these brave challengers fight for their place in our hall of fame.

Ready to become local folklore? Does your hunger know no bounds? Get featured in our hall of fame. Call 01743 233225 to book your table and beat The Beast.

Beast conquerorBeast conqueror