Delicious burgers are our thing at The Den. We love creating patty-based feasts for our loyal customers. So much so that we even made a section on our menu for Shrewsbury’s most popular burgers. Our most popular specials made it to the main menu. Find out more about what Shrewsbury likes best…

The Filthy Burger

One of our original favourites. The Den’s true dirty burger. Imagine a gourmet cheese and bacon burger with a topping of delicious barbeque pulled pork and you’ll be somewhere close to the Filthy Burger. It’s no wonder this is one of Shrewsbury’s favourites!

Lyons’ Burger

Our signature burger. This burger is the only one on the list that never featured as a special, it has been available on the main menu from day one. A yummy cheese and bacon burger with crispy onions, sautéed mushrooms and burger sauce. This one flies out!

The Big Texan

Tip your Stetson to this monster. A 6oz beef patty, streaky bacon, two onion rings, Monterey Jack cheese and Jack Daniels sauce! If big flavours and big burgers are your thing, try The Big Texan.

Smokin’ South

Southern USA flavours encompass this burger. Take a 6oz patty, add streaky bacon, smoked Monterey Jack cheese, breaded mozzarella sticks and BBQ sauce and all these smokey flavours add up to our popular Smokin’ South burger!

The Baconator

Listen and understand! That Baconator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, remorse or fear. And it absolutely will not stop… ever, until you are satisfied! 12oz of patty, four rashers of streaky bacon, cheddar cheese and baconnaise make up this “cybernetic” burger!

The Wrong Trousers

Do you know what Wallace’s favourite cheese is? We’ll give you a clue. This 6oz burger comes topped with Wensleydale cheese and pomegranate and cranberry sauce. Yum!

As you can see, Shrewsbury enjoys a real range of burgers and judging by the sales of our specials this year, we might be adding a few more burgers to our favourites list next time we review our menu.

If you’d like to try one of ‘Shrewsbury’s Favourites’ call us on 01743 233225 and book your table today. We’d love to see you in The Den.