Most restaurants might offer one burger on their menu. Here at Lyons’ Den in Shrewsbury the burgers make our menu.

As the first dedicated burger restaurant in Shrewsbury, we insist on offering a wide range of burgers, from classics such as the Cheese Burger to popular vegetarian options. Our Spiced Lentil & Potato Burger is hugely popular!

But every now and again our chefs have an idea for a burger that isn’t on our menu… It starts out as a crazy notion and goes through thorough testing in our kitchen until it’s worthy of being served to our customers. Finally, when it’s ready, it joins the growing list of our much-celebrated special burgers.

A special experience

Our special burgers are an important part of the Lyon’s Den experience. We love to innovate with our menu and surprise and excite you each time you come to visit. Maybe you already knew what you were going to order but seeing one of our specials made you change your mind? Maybe you decide to go out on a limb and try something new? Our special burgers are the gamble that always pays off!

Fun fact: Now a permanent feature on our current menu, The Filthy Burger started life as a special and proved so popular it became a regular addition! So if you once ate a special here that you’d wish would come back, never fear! It could become a regular.

Here a few of our past specials (we could list them all, but you’d be reading for a while!):

Lamb Burger

At the heart of each one of our burgers is a high-quality Shropshire beef patty. On the rare occasion though we’ll switch it, as was the case for our lamb burger. Still locally-sourced, still great flavour, but you loved the succulent lamb mince. We built our Lamb Burger with a Greek theme and included refreshing mint yoghurt and roasted Mediterranean vegetables.

The Spaniard

We regularly take inspiration from foods around the world to bring you the best flavour combinations. For our Spanish-inspired special we started with our 6oz beef patty, then added succulent pulled pork, spicy chorizo and smooth Manchego cheese inside a brioche bun. The finished product? A burger as hot and tasty as Spain itself.

Hawaiian Burger

The classic Hawaiian pizza was the inspiration behind this tropical tasting burger. As well as our 6oz beef burger we added a juicy gammon steak, pineapple and mozzarella cheese. Aloha taste buds!

Cod Burger

Here at Lyons’ Den we wondered how we could pay homage to one of the UK’s favourite dishes – fish and chips…. Why, in a burger, of course! We substituted the beef burger for a moist fillet of beer battered cod, added tartare sauce and a side of mushy peas. Lovely stuff.

The Posh Boy

Whoever said burgers aren’t posh never tried our Posh Boy. Recipe: take one delicious 6oz beef patty, add fresh, blanched asparagus spears, one perfectly poached egg and a dollop of creamy hollandaise sauce. Result: the most sophisticated burger in Shrewsbury.


We’re always on the lookout for more lip-smacking specials and want to thank our customers for suggesting such great ideas for our chefs to go wild with.

So please do let us know if you’ve got an idea for the next special burger to appear in our Shrewsbury restaurant Who knows? One day it could even be a regular on the menu!

The easiest way to keep an eye out for our specials is by liking our Facebook page. Or you can of course come and see our specials in person! Please call 01743 233225 to book a table.