We love the smell of printer’s ink in the morning… that’s right, the new Lyons’ Den menu has officially arrived!

This time our Shrewsbury restaurant menu is bigger and better than ever, with more burgers, more flavours, and more choices – allowing you to maximize your dining experience with us!

But don’t panic if you’re a seasoned Lyons’ Den fan! Your old favourites are still here but once you’ve had a peek at our exciting additions we hope the next time you visit the Den you’ll be trying something new….

Shrewsbury Favourites

There’s a brand new section on our menu: Shrewsbury Favourites. These are two burgers that we think you’ll go mad for and choose again and again.

The no.1 invention is the dangerously tempting Filthy Burger, which has graduated from our Specials Board to the full-time menu. It is a juicy 6oz beef burger with melting Monterey Jack cheese, streaky bacon, a crispy onion ring, moist BBQ pulled pork, lettuce and tomato. Phew!

Accompanying the Filthy Burger is of course the LYONS’ Burger. Our namesake has become an instant classic – who could resist streaky bacon, Cheddar cheese, crispy onions, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, onions and burger sauce… all topping a 6oz beef burger?

And if you’re super hungry you can now double up on any burger by adding an extra patty for just £4.


We’ve also widened the veggie choice on our menu. Whether you’re a vegetarian or just fancy something without meat when you come to visit, we’ve got you covered.

Alongside our fresh and crispy Greek salad, Spiced Lentil & Potato Burger and Mushroom Burger we’ve added the fabulously cheesy Halloumi Burger. Break open the breaded halloumi burger for a hidden centre of melting cheese, topped with tomato relish, lettuce and fried onions.

Scrumptious Shakes

Flip over to the other side of the menu and you’ll see our Scrumptious Shakes. You wouldn’t think they could get any better, but we’ve ramped up our milkshake flavours to include the likes of indulgent Oreo, Chocolate Fudge Cookie and Salted Caramel as well as the classics of Chocolate, Banana and Vanilla.

Or why not try the Roasted Strawberry Shake? (You’ll be pleasantly surprised!)

Sip your shake from a quirky Kilner mug, topped with fresh whipped cream, and prepare for summer.

Lunchtime Lighter Bites

Another section we’ve introduced is Lunchtime Lighter Bites – smaller dishes for when you pop by between 12pm and 3pm and don’t want to leave too stuffed!

You can choose mini versions of our most popular burgers – the Classic, Cheese, LYONS, French Twist, Shropshire or Firestarter – all served with our twice-cooked chips and smooth garlic aioli.

We’ve also created two wonderful wraps for lunchtimes. Try our Crispy Breaded Chicken & Sweet Chilli wrap or the BBQ Pulled Pork, both served with a fresh side salad.

So why not come in when you’re next in Shrewsbury and see the new menus in person? We look forward to welcoming you soon!