At Lyons’ Den we love burgers (obviously). Whilst most foods have largely forgettable roles in the culture of society, burgers have broken through. Here we look at some of our favourites!

The Krusty Burger

Made famous in The Simpsons, Krusty Burger is a well known fictional restaurant famous for serving terrible food, having grumpy staff and being endorsed by The Simpsons’ most famous clown. However, did you know in 2013 Universal Studios, Orlando opened a real-life Krusty Burger restaurant which has received rave reviews for their themed burgers and TV references.

The Double Smiley Sandwich

Picture the scene… you’re working your secret new job serving drive-thru burgers and your wife pulls up to the window with another man. This is exactly what happens in American Beauty. Kevin Spacey plays it hilariously and it makes for a very memorable burger!

The Hot Pepper Burger

In Dumb and Dumber, the crazy duo of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels stuff hot peppers (as a prank) in to the antagonist’s burger. This not only results in saving their life, but some great laughs too!

The Big Kahuna Burger

There is a lot of burger talk in Pulp Fiction. In the film, following his first bite, Samuel L Jackson expresses “This is a tasty burger”. Need we say more? A little known fact is the restaurant chain ‘Big Kahuna Burger’ features in several other Tarantino films including Death Proof, Four Rooms and Reservoir Dogs.

“Cheeseburger” Eddy

Terry Crews stars as “Cheeseburger” Eddy in The Longest Yard. His prime reason for existence? Selling cheeseburgers to his fellow convicts in prison. Quite possibly the most random burger reference on this list!

Honourable mentions

  • It rains burgers in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  • The burger dispute in Good Will Hunting
  • The White Castle chain in the Harold and Kumar movies
  • Michael Douglas’ Whammy Burger in Falling Down

We like to think we know both our fictional burgers and our real ones. Hungry for a patty after reading our list? Call 01743 233225 to book at table at Lyons’ Den Gourmet Burger!