Warning: this is not a burger challenge for the faint-hearted…

Our Fire Starter Burger Challenge is a hot topic at our Shrewsbury restaurant… quite literally. So fierce it comes with its own disclaimer form, this burger promises to blow your socks off! A top quality 6oz beef burger, layered with American cheese, crispy onions and flavoursome tomato relish, as well as succulent lettuce and tomato. Sounds pretty safe, you might think… until our sensationally spicy extras come in. Freshly chopped red chilli and scorching jalapenos – vital ingredients to ramp up the temperature.

A prize worth winning

Defy the flames of our Fire Starter burger and we’ll reward you for your efforts. Those who triumph in this challenge can look forward to a refreshingly yummy ice cream milkshake – on us, of course! As if that wasn’t enough of an incentive, anyone who conquers the Fire Starter will be celebrated in the Lyons’ Den Hall of Fame.

Made in America – food challenges bound to astound

Our inspiration for the Fire Starter Challenge comes from our friends across the pond; the USA is the place to go for anyone looking to take on an incredible food challenge. Anyone feeling brave? Here are our five favourite eating challenges on offer in the States:

  1. The 8th Wonder Challenge trumps the Great Wall of China and Taj Mahal when it comes to mind-blowing spectacles. Available at Clinton State Diner in New Jersey, 105 lbs of meat makes this the largest burger in the world. 28 inches in diameter and 11.5 inches tall, it takes a team of ten to take on this challenge! With just 60 minutes to devour the whole thing, it’s no shock that nobody has ever won the $5,000 prize (1).
  2. A spice challenge to rival our own Fire Starter burger, the Inferno Bowl Challenge is a soup that contains twelve different varieties of hot pepper. Nitally’s ThaiMex restaurant in St. Petersburg uses the ghost chilli as its key ingredient – one of the spiciest peppers on the planet! Handle a sweltering 48oz of soup within 30 minutes and you’ll bag yourself $1,000. Oh, and the restaurant’s rules stipulate that you must be sober (1).
  3. The Kitchen Sink Challenge is top of the menu at The San Francisco Creamery Co. – so called because it contains everything but! Three bananas, eight scoops of ice cream, and eight different toppings… wow. And if that wasn’t enough ice cream, victors win a free supply for the whole year (1).
  4. Look away now, vegetarians! The 11lb Carnivore Pizza Challenge is a sight to behold. Available from the Big Pie in the Sky in Kennesaw, Georgia, this astounding pizza boasts an astonishing 30-inch diameter! Packed with ground beef, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham and bacon, you’ll need to ask at least one friend to help you finish it off (1).
  5. The challenge is simple at The Roast Grill in North Carolina: eat as many hot dogs as possible. Sticking to the basics, hot dogs are served with just fried onions, a dash of mustard and homemade chilli sauce. Think you’ve got a good appetite? You’ll have to beat an impressive 17 – a record set by Adam Richman, the star of TV’s Man vs. Food (2).

Who dares to tackle the heat?

Does the Lyons’ Den Fire Starter Challenge seem tame to these?! Well, of course not! The sizzling heat of this burger is a fun way to spice up a family meal, or you could even challenge a friend to take on the temperature. Who can really handle their hot food? For all the fearless burger fans out there in Shrewsbury, this unique dish is guaranteed to tingle your taste buds.

The Beast

And there’s more…. We will be launching a second challenge and this time it will be size over heat. Our massive Beast Burger dares you to finish it….

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(2) http://viewmixed.com/americas-craziest-food-challenges-15-photos/13465/4