There’s great food available at our Shrewsbury restaurant all-year round but we get particularly excited about summer specials! So keep tabs on our Facebook page for new dishes, such as our awesome cod-burger…!

Summer also sees lots of great outdoor events coming to town, such as Shrewsbury Food Festival and Shrewsbury Flower Show. But for the more sun-shy folk, summer is of course movie blockbuster season! So for all you cinema fans out there, here are our top five burger moments in movies!

5. Grease

One of the most successful films of the 70s, this 1978 classic set in a US high school celebrates all things American. The gang’s favourite place to hang out is the diner, dishing up frothy milkshakes and, of course, beautiful burgers.

We think our Lyons’ Den burgers are the perfect way to impress a date, however bad table manners can certainly be a deal-breaker – as Kenickie finds out when attempting to woo the feisty Rizzo in Grease’s romantic ‘Burger Palace’.

4. Good Burger

You’ll lose count if you try to count the number of burgers in this hilarious film, which centres on humble fast food joint Good Burger’s battle to stay in business.

Good Burger employee Ed lives and breathes burgers, even imagining talking hamburgers in his dreams – definitely a character we can identify with…! Armed with the help of tear-away Dexter, the two teens triumph against the rival Mondo Burger by creating a special sauce to reel the customers in. So many burger scenes, we couldn’t pick one!

3.  Dumb and Dumber

This box office success saw Jim Carrey on a roll (no pun intended…), joined by sidekick Jeff Daniels, who come together to form a hapless duo on a road trip. Full of silly moments, including a diner scene where Lloyd and Harry inadvertently pick a fight with a trucker. The man retaliates with the unthinkable – spitting in Lloyd’s burger….

There is also another famous scene where the pair put extra chillies on their companion’s burger… unaware that he has a heart condition. This is precisely why our own Fire Starter burger comes with a disclaimer, which those brave enough to try it have to sign!

2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

A film which revolves around tasty treats falling from the sky sounds like our idea of heaven! In a bid to save his town from starvation, Flint Lockwood comes up with a genius idea: a machine that can transform water into food. Not just meatballs, but millions of burgers cascade from the clouds as the hero inventor’s mouth drops in disbelief. If only! A burger shower once in a while would certainly make a nice change to rain.

1. Pulp Fiction

In one of the most famous burger scenes of all, Samuel L. Jackson’s character Jules heightens suspense by helping himself to Brett’s ‘Big Kahuna’ burger. After washing it down with the last of his Sprite, Mr Jackson goes off on his Biblical rant and we know what’s coming next for poor Brett. Well, at least his last meal was a delicious one….

Director Quentin Tarantino is clearly a burger fan himself, as ‘The Big Kahuna Burger’ brand also appears in a number of his other films, including Death Proof and Reservoir Dogs. A man after our own heart!

Who knew so many movie makers loved burgers as much as us? And this is only a small selection of our favourites. What started out as a humble snack in Hamburg has become an iconic movie staple, a food recognised the world around. And naturally it is something the Lyons’ Den team is passionate about as we continue to develop our burger menu.

If you want to come grab a bite, we are open Monday to Friday 12pm – 3pm and 5pm till late, Saturday 12pm till late and Sunday 12pm – 6pm.