So you thought we’d stop at one meat-eating challenge? You were wrong! We’re building on our first burger challenge in Shrewsbury, the Fire Starter, and unleashing one beast of a burger…

Say hello to The Beast Burger challenge, which we launched in the middle of March: 4 x 6oz quality beef patties, sizzling crispy bacon, layered with melting cheese and topped with fried onions, all packed inside a brioche bun and served alongside a mountainous double portion of chips. Scared? You should be…

Are you prepared to Beat the Beast?

Like one of the Twelve Labours of Hercules, devouring The Beast is no mean feat. The Fire Starter may be a scorching trial, but The Beast Burger Challenge is on a whole other level. The sheer scale sure to assault your senses and your stomach.
If you do manage to conquer The Beast, what’s your prize? As well as the obvious sense of pride and accomplishment (!), you get a chilled, refreshing bottle of beer (or a soft drink for under 18s) to quench your thirst completely free of charge! Not only that but your photo goes up on our website’s Hall of Fame (if you wish) alongside other worthy champions.

Our charity challenge

As an added bonus, 5% of all takings from The Beast Burger Challenge are going to Severn Hospice. This amazing charity gives free specialist care and support to families across Shropshire, who are living with an incurable illness. Severn Hospice is also a cause particularly close to our hearts. They helped provide comfort to a dear friend and we’re delighted to be supporting them with our charity challenge.

Dare your friends

Why not inspire a little healthy competition with your friends or co-workers and see which one of you can best The Beast? Spread the word at the office, your sports team or down your local and dare them to tackle our delicious challenge…

The Beast Burger Challenge is only available on Tuesdays, so get booking a table on 01743 233225 now!

Can you #BeatTheBeast?