As you may know, Lyons’ Den has been offering a charity challenge burger every Tuesday with a percentage of profits going to our nominated charity, Severn Hospice.

Well a couple of people beat that burger and so we’ve decided to take the challenge to another level…

Introducing The Beast 2.0!

– 24oz rump steak burger
– 6 rashers of dry cured streaky bacon
– Award winning hot chilli cheese with chilli, cayenne and garlic
– Sautéed mushrooms
– Homemade onion rings
– Homemade Lyons’ Den sauce
– Grilled chicken breast
– Red Leicester cheese
– Crispy onions

Served with:
– A double portion of Lyons’ Den chips
– Nachos, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, lettuce and tomato

Could you, or someone you know #BeatTheBeast?

Consume all this within an hour and get added to our hall of fame and win a £10 voucher for The Den!

Eating competitions and food challenges have existed for centuries. However, the idea of restaurants hosting eating competitions began in America around 1913 in several restaurants. The options ranged from giant shakes to drinking multiple milkshakes in thirty minutes.

Food challenges, competitions and feasts grew across the States with many restaurants becoming famous for their ideas. This was further popularised in 2008 when Man V Food was first televised on the Travel Channel.

Food challenges were now mainstream and challenges popped up all over the world. In the UK alone there are over 400 restaurants offering challenges!

Severn Hospice is a cause close to our hearts and we’re delighted our food challenge helps raise money for this wonderful organisation. Please see The Beast as a bit of fun, the opportunity to support a great cause and chance to have a good laugh at your mates! We can’t wait to see you in The Den.

The Beast 2.0 is available in The Den every Tuesday. Call 01743 233225 to book your place and take on this monster!